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While Sanlam has taken due care to ensure that the views and opinions expressed are based on information which is relevant and accurate at the time of printing, no representation, warranty or undertaking is given and no responsibility or liability is accepted by any member of Sanlam as to the accuracy of any information contained herein. The information contained herein does not constitute financial advice as contemplated in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 2002. Please note that this document is intended for information purposes only. The use of or reliance on this information by you is at your own risk. A financial adviser must be consulted by you as far as your unique needs are concerned.  Please consult your financial adviser before making any investments.  No representation, warranty or undertaking is given and no liability is accepted by any member of the Sanlam Group in respect of any information contained herein. Any parties relying on any view, opinion or model contained herein do so at own risk and Sanlam disclaims all responsibility and liability for positions taken based on such reliance. Please note that past performances are not necessarily an accurate determination of future performances, and that the value of investments / collective investment units / unit trusts may go down as well as up. Commission may be paid and if so, would be included with the brokerage charges, securities transfer tax, auditor’s fees, bank charges, trustee fees and levies in the overall costs which will be levied against the fund. A schedule of fees and charges and maximum commissions is available from the manager, Sanlam Collective Investments(RF) Pty Ltd.  Sanlam is a full member of ASISA.  Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) are generally medium to long term investments.  Collective investments are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. Collective investments are calculated on a net asset value basis, which is the total value of all assets in the portfolio including any income accrual and less any permissible deductions from the portfolio. Portfolio performance is calculated on a NAV to NAV basis and does not take any initial fees into account. Annualised Growth Rate. Income is reinvested on the ex-dividend date. Total return performances are published. The source is Morrningstar. (Risk Statistics: Morningstar). Actual investment performance will differ based on the initial fees applicable, the actual investment date and the date of reinvestment of income. Forward pricing is used. The following charges are levied against the portfolio: Brokerage, auditor’s fees, bank charges and trustee fees.